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Jiaogulan Links, Articles and more...

Jiaogulan information available to international viewers not part of USA FDA restrictions.

Natural Foods Merchandiser

Bright Future for Chinese Mountain Herb - a great article published in the Natural Foods Merchandiser. The article states...

"Bulk Jiaogulan is not commonly available in America (we are trying to change that!), but it can be found prepackaged. Because of its natural sweetness, it is delicious as a tea served hot or cold." Health News

"Jiaogulan (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum) is a remarkable herb..."

Amachazuru is the name for Jiaogulan in Japan ~ part of Kampo Therapy Tradition

See references to Amachazuru as a sweetener in Sherbet, in a listing of natural flavorings published by the Ministry of Health and Welfare or as a picturesque berry.

National Library of Medicine - Published research articles on Jiaogulan (aka GP or Gynostemma Pentaphylla)

A great source for published articles, university research, clinical alerts, clinic trials and clinic government trials on Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, saponins, gypenosides and new biochemical elements in Jiaogulan.

If you want to read lots of technical jargon go to and search on gynostemma.

Thailand research on Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Makino

Activity of Extract from GP Makino

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Makino., (family Cucurbitaceae), an indigenous plant of Southeast Asia has been used ...

La Provincia of Italy discusses Gin-Pent Jiaogulan as an invigorator

This article (in Italian) introduces Jiaogulan as part of the zucchini and cucumber family. For use as a tea, click here La Provinicia's article on Gin-Pent in Italian.

Jiaogulan as a vegetable of Italia

This article (in Italian) introduces Jiaogulan vegetable. Italians to find this use for our healthy tea; we've never thought of it ;). Click here for Cremona's article on Gin-Pent Jiaogulan as Vegetable in Italia.

The Chinese Herbal Cookbook: Healing Foods from East and West

Penelope Ody with Alice Lyon and Dragana Vilinac provides 120 recipes which include Chinese herbal ingredients or Western herbs adapted for use based on the principles of Chinese TM. With dishes ranging from spiced lamb to Preserving Youth Jelly (containing Jiaogulan), it seeks to lure readers into a healthier approach to food. Click here to order at for US$17.47.

From the book...

"Amachazuru (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum), also known in Japan as gospel herb is mainly sold as an herbal infusion in the West."

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Here are our reviews of the latest sites that qualify for a reciprocal link from the Aum Tea Company.



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