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Happy Client!

I just received my shipment this morning ~ Brewed a cup this afternoon, and I have to say that, compared to Jagulana Jiaogulan tea that I have been using, your's is quite superior. Aum Tea has a freshness and a stronger, more bitter taste, with a smoothness that Jagulana does not have. It tastes the way I would expect a tea to taste. Thank you for a
great product at a very reasonable price. I know just which of my friends will be receiving sample tastes.

Thanks again, Marc. I look forward to continuing to be an Aum Tea customer.

Cheers, Jay L. ~ MA, USA




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In general, herbal products are not subject to review or approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are not required to be standardized, meaning that the amounts of active ingredients or contaminants they contain may vary between brands or between different batches of the same brand. Not all of the risks, side effects, or interactions associated with the use of herbal products are known because few reliable studies of their use in humans have been done.

Please share this information with your health care provider and be sure that you talk to your doctor and pharmacist about all the prescription and non-prescription medicines you take before you begin to use any herbal product.


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