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About Us

In early 2001, I decided to move to Thailand, the Land of Smiles. Although, I felt a strong tug from the beaches of the south, Chiang Mai stole my heart when I traveled north.

After I relocated here and settled in, I began looking for something unique and special that Northern Thailand could offer the rest of the world. Of course there is great tourism here, but I wanted to find something for people without the opportunity to travel here.

I had heard that Chiang Mai had a growing health consciousness. There are 50 vegetarian restaurants in this relatively small city. Organic produce, brown rice and heath food shops are beginning to show up in the most unsuspecting places (like the airport).

I ventured into a local shop in search of wheat germ and received our first sample cup of Jiaogulan Tea. I found the tea sweet and refreshing and were told that Jiaogulan had many health redeeming qualities. I bought enough tea to try it for a couple of months and had such great results that we started shipping samples to people I knew abroad.

The results poured in from friends and family after sampling Jiaogulan tea for only a few weeks. Everything I heard was just as encouraging as my own experiences.

After a little research, I discovered many people in China, Japan and Thailand know about Jiaogulan Tea and drink it daily. The cool Himalayan foothills of Northern Thailand offers the perfect growing conditions and local farmers are always on the look out for crops that provide an alternative to the lucrative Opium trade. The biggest issue for local growers is finding markets abroad. They have no real way to spread the word outside their local community.

That's why I've stepped in and decided to lend a hand. We are now looking for consumers and marketers in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Australia. Please contact us if we may be of further assistance. I hope you enjoy our product.

Warm Regards,
Marc Cofer
Aum Tea Company
Chiang Mai, Thailand



When we discovered Jiaogulan, we loved the taste. When we found it was famous for longevity and health, we began sharing it with friends and family the world over.

We had more surprises
to come when the
Thailand Ministry of Health awarded us 1st Prize for the best tasting tea in the country after sampling our organically grown Jiaogulan.

Are you ready to see what Thailand has to offer, that you can get no where else in the world? Order a 3 month supply and save 200% off retail prices.




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