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Meet Cory Croymans for a great session of Reiki and Bio-energetic healing therapies. There's lots of science behind these techniques but the real Art comes in diagnosis and application. We hope more people we become open to these wonderful healing therapies. Cory offers classes so you can take the knowledge and wisdom of these Asian Healing Arts back to your own country. ~ Osho Sayasin, Prem Anup Karlsson, experienced a new vibrational energy while performing a healing session on a client. He entered a meditative state later on and attuned himself to those energies. Now he has been initiated into a source of ancient healing magic he shares with others; the very essence of Merlin. ~ Soyfee is the amazing coffee
alternative for people with discriminating tastes. These organic beans are genetically pure, GMO-Free, fat free, 100% gluten free and naturally CAFFEINE free!! Soyfee is the ideal choice for people seeking a healthy lifestyle. ~ An English language based web-directory of Thailand. Includes Restaurants, Entertainment, Travel and much more.

Thai Travel Info ~ Images of Bangkok's and Thailand's well known and less traveled attractions

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